Why wouldn’t you want to see the seabed as well as sightseeing the island’s landscape?

If you are used to diving, or you have perfected your diving skills in one of the island’s diving schools, we are pleased to offer you organized diving trips to the wrecked Greek ship Peltastis, close to Šilo, which made its last voyage in the 1860s.
Apart from the Peltastis wreck close to Šilo, the seafloor of the island of Plavnik also conserves another wrecked sailing boat which most likely dates back to the period of Napoleonic rule.

So, take a dive under the sea, amongst its secrets and encounter a completely different world…

Today, diving is one of the most famous sea sports in Croatia. Many divers in the Adriatic are highly attracted by numerous captivating locations as the sea here is full of ancient boats, corals and other animal and plant species.

The northern part of the Adriatic is visited a lot because of the shallower sea and richer vegetation.

During your stay on the island of Krk, you can, even as a beginner, learn the basics of correct diving, and the more experienced among you can visit attractive diving locations where they can see a number of old ship wrecks from days gone by, gardens of gorqonia, caves, steep rocks…

(Taken from the official site TZ otok Krk)

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